What is Investment



Many of us are aware with the so called “INVESTMENT” word. We heard investment word multiple times but didn’t thought how powerful the word investment is, YES POWERFUL.

Investment is the methodology where someone can put his hard-earned money in some process to get multiple money in the future.

Investment is an art to know how to multiply our own earned money over the period of time. One who are aware of the right financial scheme will only be the successful investor.

Now let’s talk about the “PROCESS” which will help investor to multiply his/her own money over the period of time. This process can be denoted as a different financial segment where investor can put his money into the different financial schemes, bonds, stock market, forex market, property, land, commercial venture, mutual funds, Exchange traded fund, gold, silver, commodity and list is goes on…!!

Fundamental of the Investment:

The basic fundamental of the investment is to allow your money to grow over the period of time so that you can enjoy it. People who are reach they understand this fact hence they rarely spend their money in short joyful moments which gives momentum pleasure.

Financial Future VS Pleasure:

Yes, it is true, if the person is serious about his financial future then he must be focused investor. Investment is always a war between temporary joyful moment vs the healthy financial future. Remember healthy financial future will come into the picture only when we start putting our hard-earned money in good financial schemes to let them grow over the period of the time rather than putting this money in pathetic activities to gain the short-term pleasures.

Defining Investment for own future:

Investment habit enables investor to sacrifices in the temporary pleasurable moment to secure future lives. Of course there’s a full of rewards on your way for all your sacrifices you made so far when you invest your own hard earned money into the right financial scheme to let it grow 😊


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