Transfer Money to Bank Account without using Internet


Digitization Initiative by the Government of India: BHIM

BHIM app enable end user to transfer the money across different bank accounts without Internet. Bharat Interface for Money, it is also popularized by the name of BHIM. BHIM One more reason behind the popularity of the word. “BHIM” is this name is belonging to the one padavas out of five as per the Hindu text Mahabharat. It is a mobile app developed by NPCI. It’s a national payment corporation of India a non-profit based company. NPCI is the UPI based which is also known as unified payment gateway. BHIM launched by the Indian government in the financial year 2016 December. (Give more info about UPI and NPCI)

What is UPI:

UPI is a Unified Payment Interface, Indian economy moved two steps ahead towards the cashless economy with the launch of UPI interface. This interface will enable end user to send and receive the cash instantly via mobile interface which will act as a virtual debit card.

UPI is more or less like a unique id assigned for money. It will be the unique identifier which bank will use to transfer the money. This quick payment transfer is mode is IMPS which is UPI based. IMPS is much faster than any other money transfer platform which works 24×7.

Working Hands Behind UPI:

Unified Payment Transfer Interface is an initiative by the National Payment Corporation of the India which is also known as NPCI. NPIC is cooperated with the Reserve Bank of India. IMPS and UPI are both the initiative by the NPCI. Whereas UPI is the advance version of the IMPS.

What is BHIM:

BHIM is the instant money transfer app developed by the NPCI. You can transfer the money without internet with the help of BHIM app. BHIM is based on the Unified Payment Interface. Main motive of BHIM is to enable users to transfer and receive money instantly between two different bank accounts. BHIM is launched in the financial year 2016.

This app supports all Indian banks, where user can transfer the money from one bank to another bank without a single moment delay. This is fastest way to transfer the money within two different banks as it is based on the immediate payment service infrastructure.

How BHIM app works:

BHIM app can be used on all mobile devices. BHIM allow user to accept and transfer the money from UPI payment address. Non-UPI based accounts can scan the QR code with account number and can use the IFSC code to transfer the money.

Apart from the BHIM app, PayTM, MobiKwik, mPesa are the few other mobile platforms which transfer the money between different bank account. Transaction on BHIM allows user to transact 24×7 including the weekends and bank holidays. Like any other platforms BHIM does not hold the money in app. It simply enable the payment acceptance and transfer.

Transaction Fees and Limit:

Good news here for the BHIM user is there’s no transaction cost is charged at the present from BHIM app whereas there’s may some minimal UPI transaction cost can be charged by the bank.

BHIM Benefits:

  • BHIM can be used without internet connectivity, through mobile number and the USSD by dialling *99# and simply following the instructions.
  • BHIM allows you to keep your money maintained in your bank account so that you can earn the interest on your fund.
  • At present there’s no charge from the BHIM app infra, minimum UPI transaction cost can be charged from the banks.
  • BHIM is the lightweight and secure money transfer and acceptance platform for your mobile device.
  • End user do not need to use different banks app for transaction BHIM is the one payment app for all bank accounts.

Android users can download the BHIM app from google play store:

Apple users can download the BHIM app from apple store:


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