Traditional Organic Farming Scheme as Paramparagat Krishi Yojana (PKVY)


Traditional Farming Scheme is being launched by the Government of India to support and promote organic farming. Nowadays, “Organic Product” word is in top trend within the societies. Let’s see what is this organic farming, it’s benefits and the scheme proposed by the Government of India to support the organic farming.

What is Organic Farming:

Organic farming is the original form of farming where crop farming is maintained in its natural form without any use of the artificial pesticides, and fertilisers. Overall the world market of the organic food, product is significantly improved in last 20 years. Growth of the retail sales of organic products in North America and Canada is predicted 15% to 20% per year this growth will significantly increase per year.

Reasons of Purchasing Organic Product:

Consumers want organic food product for multiple reasons, many of the buyer wants it as they wish to try something new. Many of the consumers purchase organic product as they want chemical free and pesticides free fertilizers.

Benefits of the Organic Farming:

  • First and most important benefit of the organic farming is, it will protect the overall environment.
  • IT will protect the quality of the soil which is continuously degrading due to heavy use of chemical-based fertiliser.
  • Recycle of the wastage are possible at its greatest extent.
  • Consumer will get the food in its natural form which will be free from the chemicals.
  • It will help to improve the farmers health as organic farming will reduce the disease caused due to the excessive use of chemicals while growing the corps.

Government’s Contribution to Encourage Organic Farming:

Government of India has made the provision of 300 crores in union budget to encourage farmers to adopt the farming in its natural form by reducing the dependency to ‘ZERO’ of fertilizers and agriculture-based chemicals.

Main motive of the organic policy is to promote farming in its natural state which will be economically friendly, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable. Paramparagat Krishi Yojana (PKVY) is a scheme proposed by the Government of India to support the organic farming via cluster approach.

What is Cluster Approach:

This cluster approach to encourage the farmers to form a cluster of the 50-acre land to take up the organic farming. Each farmer who is participating in the cluster farming are entitled for the 20,000 Rs/- per acre for the consecutive years for seed to harvesting cops and to transport them to market.

Government of India is aiming to form the around 10,000 clusters to cover an area of 5 lakh hectares under the organic farming. This scheme is also expected to encourage the promotion of commercial organic production through the certified organic farming. Organic farming will help to improve the health of consumer. Organic farming will help to increase the farmers income and ultimately it will create the potential market for the traders.


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