Soil Health Card

Soil Health Card

Are you interested to know, how you can double your farming income without taking an extra efforts? Then you are reading at the very right place. Soil Health Card is the definite way to double your farm growth and ultimately the income by using soil health card scheme.

Agriculture is one of the most crucial and high prioritized components of society’s life. Farmers produce fiber and grain on which human life completely relies upon. Here soil comes into the picture. Soil is the upper surface of the earth where plants grow. Hence soil is a crucial part of successful agriculture as the soil is the original source of the nutrients which are essential to growing the crops. Soil is an important factor while farming as nutrients move from soil to plants which we eat. Similarly, the soul is the source of nutrients for the food of animals like a cow from where we’re receiving healthy milk.

What is Soil Health Card Scheme?

This scheme is proposed for the farmers who are into agriculture, under this scheme, the state will provide funding in order to strengthen the soil by setting a lab and analyzing the soil samples. These labs will conduct the test of the soil and they will distribute Soil Health Card to the farmer.

Who is Eligible

The Soil related Health Card (SHC) is to be given to all farmers in the country. This card is renewed every three years. This three months’ time period will enable farmers to apply appropriate recommended dosage of nutrients for crop production and to improve the soil health for better fertility.

Budget Allocation by Government:

The healthiest soil produces the most food. Considering the importance of soul Government of India proposed, “Soil Health Card Scheme: SHC”. This scheme was approved for implementation during XII plan by allocating the 568.54 crores.

For the successful execution of this scheme, 23.56 crores were disbursed to the state government during 2014-2015. This funding is specifically allocated for making the initial preparation including the awareness campaigns, setting up labs, etc. During the 2015-2016 Government of India enhances the funding by 96.46 crores for Soil Health Card Scheme.

Execution of the Scheme:

The recommendation is given to the farmers based upon the soil sampling and after conducting the soil tests. Followed to test uniform norms are prescribed for sampling.

  • Irrigated areas samples will be extracted in a grid of 2.5 hectors.
  • Rain Fed Areas sampling will be done in a 10-hector grid.

On an average, 253 lakhs samples will be tested to generate the 14 crores Soil Health Cards aimed in three years of period. After collection of the soil samples, testing will be done for 14 different parameters these are:

  1. pH
  2. Electrical Conductivity
  3. Nitrogen
  4. Organic Carbon
  5. Nitrogen
  6. Potash Sulphur
  7. Phosphorous
  8. Sulphur
  9. Potash
  10. Copper
  11. Iron
  12. Zinc
  13. Manganese
  14. Boron

Considering all the above parameters and its level in the soil recommendations are made for further improvements of the soil.

How to check online

Upon hitting the URL to fetch Soil Health Card it will ask for the state, district, sub-district, village, farmer name, village grid no, sample number, etc.

Upon filling all required information hit on the search button and now you are ready to print your Soil Health Card. Below is one sample card:

The first table will show the result of the farmer details, The second table will give the details about Soil Test Results, and the third table will generate the result. The third column will share the essential nutrient recommendations as well as the crop recommendations which will be suitable for your soil. By availing the benefit of Soil Health Card you can raise more money by enhancing crop production.


The government of India has taken a very good initiative to let farmers identify the actual potential of farming land by analyzing the soil in the laboratory. If you are a farmer then you should avail of this scheme in order to leverage the true potential of land and to improve a farming income.


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