Rural Godown Scheme – Gramin Bhandaran Yojana

Rural Godown Scheme

Yes, now you can start your extra income by helping farmers with the help of the rural godown scheme proposed by the Government of India also known as Gramin Bhanadarn Yojana. This scheme was launched by the government during 2001 -20002

What is Gramin Bhanadarn Yojana – Rural Godown Scheme:

The rural area is always been neglected. Financial growth is non-existence in rural places. Big industries avoid small rural areas to invest and expand their business kingdom. To avoid the state of ignorance Government of India launched the godown scheme. The government of India supports an individual, farmer, local government, and NGO’s build godown in rural areas.

Capital Support Given by Government for Gramin Bhanadarn Yojana:

The government will provide 25% of the capital investment made in such a venture. This capital investment will rise to 33.33% if the godown is built or renovated by the woman farmer.

Godown Space Minimum Requirement:

It’s been required to maintain the minimum space requirement of godown under rural godown scheme. Godown which is renovated or builds in a rural area should have a good capacity in terms of storage.

    • Minimum Capacity: At least the capacity of the godown to store is 100 tonnes of grains.
    • Maximum Capacity: Whereas the maximum storage capacity of the godown is identified as 10,000 tonnes to avail the grain storage.

However, if someone is staying in the area which needs the godown very badly then the government comes two steps forward to support them and ready to change the minimum/maximum criteria of the storage area. These places are entitling to receive get 25% of support for even 50-tonne facility.

Who is Eligible for Rural Godown Scheme?

    • Individual
    • Non-Individual who are interested in sharing basis.
    • Farmers
    • Non-Government Organisation, NGO’s
    • SHGs Self Help Group
    • Local Bodies
    • Municipal Corporation
    • Market Boards
    • Agro-Processing Corporation

All the above entities in the entire country are entitled to avail the Government of India’s entitled Godown Scheme.

If you have good land space then you can think over to build a Godown which will ultimately help farmers to store their products as well as you can get a good income source. The main motive behind the rural godown scheme is to enable farmers to store their grains to avoid any sort of distress selling. It is the well-known fact that small farmers do not have the financial strength to retain grains with themselves until the market prices are favorable. This scheme will enable farmers to retain their farming produce as long as they wish.

You can gather more information about Rural Godown scheme i.e. gramin bhandaran yojana by visiting Ministers Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Website


Having a non-functional land nearby farming land will allow you to build a storeroom so that farmers can keep their products safely. In this way, you can convert nonfunctional land into the income source.



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