If you’re American and Canadian Consumer then Save your Money on your All Sort of Online Shopping for Free


You can now earn the immediate cash back on your online shopping with the Topcashback.com. Main motive of the Topcashback.com is to save the money of American and Canadian public. This platform enables you to save your hard-earned money in the form of cashback.

“topcashback.com gives you cashback by excluding the all commission-based rate”

In order to understand how topcashback.com works, first of all you need to understand the retail commission structure.

How Retail Based Commission Transact

Retail business owner promote salesperson to sale out their products and services in turn sales person receives the percentage from the profit. Product owner offers outside sales agent, employees to encourage them to sell products and find buyers. Commission based structure further classified into the different models.

Different Types of Commission Models

  1. Fixed-Commission Structure

Fixed-Commission Structure is a fixed commission-based model where store owner gives salesperson the lump sum sales price upon the product sale. Business can set the fixed rate of commission on some of the high margin product lines.

2. Variable Based Commission Structure

Business owner encourages their employees and sales person to make additional sales. This is the tier-based commission structure allows salesperson to earn the commission based on the product category. Lower products are fall under the lower tier and enable employees to earn the lower commission rates. Employees and sales person receive the higher percentage of the sales return on additional sales within the specific time period.

3. Residual Based Commission Structure

This commission structure is the long-term based commission if the consumer keep visit repetitive in the store. For example, if the Michael is being referred by the salesperson then the salesperson is entitled to get 100 Dollars on the referral as well as the 5 Dollar commission on every visit given by the consumer.

4. Sharing Based Commission Structure

This is the most popular type of model being adopted by the business leader. Salesperson receives the set of a share profit on a product.

How Topcashback.com Gives Cashback

Topcashback.com is the cashback site. This site cut off all above-mentioned commission-based rate.   This cut off commission rates on products then credited back to the buyers account. topcashback.com don’t charge anything to their member it’s a free to join, free use without paying anything.

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By following below few steps you can earn the handsome cashback on Topcashback.com

  1. Sing up om Topcashback.com
  2. Browse the site and choose your product from the thousands of available product and cashback offers.
  3. Add product to your cart and checkout
  4. Retailers pay commission amount to Topcashback.com and later Topcashback.com  add this commission amount as it is to your bank account as your earnings.

Topcashback.com receives the referral commission rate for traffic and sales to a stores website. Topcashback.com then give this entire commission back the consumer as a cashback. Once the Topcashback.com receives the commission you can request a payment which can pay straight into the bank account or into the PayPal or in the form of Amazon vouchers.

How Topcashback.com Run Their Expenses

However, topcashback.com has their own expenses they won’t take anything from their clients. Topcashback.com promotes advertisement banners and earn from the advertisements they also receive the extra fees and bonuses to display the products on their website and hitting the sales target.

Top Brands Associated with TopCashback.com

Topcashback.com is associated with more than 4 thousand plus stores, including the lots of travel sites/ TopCashback.com also offers a big selection of coupons, offering instant money-based discount. Famous brands which are associated with the TopCashback.com include:

  • Groupon
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • E Bay
  • GiftCards.com
  • Restaurant.com
  • Overstock.com
  • Bloomingdale


Topcashback.com is the nice shopping platform available for the American and Canadian based audience. It’s one stop for all shoppers who don’t want to pay extra commission-based rates on the product price. If the website allowing you to save your few Dollars on shopping then it’s a great deal to transact on Topcashback.com

“If you have any though, questions, or if you would like to share anything with us about Topcashback.com then feel free to leave your valuable suggestions in the comment box given below.”


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