If you’re a U.S. & U.K. Citizens then Share a Photo of your Bill Receipts and Earn Money


What if someone ask you to submit your bill payment receipt and in return give you a money? Not a bad deal at all…. Right?

Yes, you read it correctly now you can earn the money when you purchase something and submit your billing receipt. For now, US and UK citizens only can avail this facility. You don’t need to throw your old bill receipt to bin box. It’s no more required consider your bill as a trash because you can convert your bill receipt into the cash.

What is Receipt Hog – Receipts to Cash App

Receipt Hog – Receipts to Cash enables you to earn the money through sharing the receipts. This app is giving you the platform to turn your every day expenditure receipts into the real cash and rewards.

Receipt Hog is basically a part of marketing research platform where you’re helping Receipt Hog team in marketing research and in turn, they are paying you.

Sign Up for Receipt Hog – Receipts to Cash

Sign up procedure of the receipt hog is quite simple and straight forward. You can sign up with the help of your email id or you can use your Facebook account to do the sign up. It will ask for your personal information including date of birth and gender. Once you feel those details then the next phase will come into the picture asking for the demographic questions. Once you fill the survey you can straight away start earning the   money. As result of sign up you can see the 50 coins will automatically added to your account.

Earn Money through Receipts in Three Simple Steps:

Step 1: You can go anywhere to do your windows shopping, you’re also entitled and eligible for online shopping from any website where you love to shop.

Step 2: Take a clear photo of your receipt and upload on Receipt Hog app

Step 3: Once you’re done then you can earn the coins and use it as amazon cards, or a cash via PayPal

When you’re clicking the photos of the receipt it should be clear enough to view, this receipt must include all information including shop name, purchased item list, date of the transaction, and shop name.

Terms & Conditions:

If you’re a US or UK citizen then its golden chance for you to avail this opportunity of turning receipts into real cash. There’s no terms and conditions to while purchasing and generating the bills. You can simply follow your own wished shopping whether it’s a window shopping or the online shopping you just need to keep your original shopping bill intact with you so that later on you can take a snap of it to convert into the real money.

Receipt Hog Usage Precautions:

This app must be used carefully specially you needs to be very cautious while uploading the bills. Make sure you’re not uploading the bills containing your personal bank related information.


Receipt Hog – Receipts to Cash App pays you in exchange of the data shared by you. This data is then used for marketing research purpose. This app does not allow you to earn the thousands of Dollars and Pounds. Simply it will allow you to earn up to 30 Dollars a month. But you must have heard, “Many a Little Makes a Mickle”.


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