Google Opinion Rewards, Share Your Reviews & Earn Dollars

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Earn Rewards by Participating in Google Opinion Because Your Opinion is Utmost important for Google

Within day you’ve get the plenty of free time which just passes by doing some time pass on mobile phone and scrolling up, down the mobile screen. Now you can utilise your free time space to earn some extra money in the form of reward. You need to simply participate in the Google based survey.

Now when it comes to Google. It will provide you the massive platform to give your valuable feedback on thousands of topics. You’ve the chance to participate into variety of survey topics of your choice and you can submit your valuable opinion.

Google Opinion rewards is the best online opinion platform which gives chance to submit the survey variety of survey. Google Opinion Rewards is the highest paying app available in the market. Sign up process is very simple, easy, and straight forward. Google gives you the chance to earn anywhere from 0.25 cents to 1 US Dollar Google Play Credit or PayPal Credit. You can not avail the reward in the form of cash, this option is not available in Goole for now.

How to Use the Google Store Credit

Google store credit allows you to purchase multimedia from the google store. You can receive the Google store credit in form of promotional balance and in the form of other promotions on Google store. Both the promotional balance and store credit are maintained in your Google Pay account.

Few Things to be Noticed

  • When you’re planning to purchase any movie, song, game and any other required stuff you can check out the amount via available Google Credit Balance.
  • If the available credit is not fulfilling the cart value then you can always use the other form of payment to accomplish the checkout amount.
  • You can purchase the ‘N’ number of things available on Google play store from broad categories of the Entertainment, Apps, Movies, Music, Books, Devices.
  • Google Credit allows you to purchase the things from the country where purchaser has earned the credit balance.
  • You can always check your balance from the available option in the app otherwise you can use the below link to check your available balance,

How to Sign UP for Google Opinion Rewards:

Sing up process of Google Opinion Rewards is quite easy, simple, and straightforward.

  1. First of all you need to choose your account id to process for sign up.

    Welcome Screen
  2. Next phase, app will display you the terms and conditions, once you go through all norms you can chose to, “Accept”.

    Terms of Services

3. Then app will ask you the basic questions about yourself.

Basic Questions

4. You can complete the survey, whenever you get the chance to complete it. There’s no specific time restrictions to complete the survey.

Answer in Your Free Time

5. Once your signup process is complete Google will notify you about the available survey, then you can conduct the survey simply put your opinion and complete the entire survey. Once you done then Google credit balance to your Google Store Credit.

Google will Dollars to Google Pay Balance


Google Opinion Rewards is the best way to share your own feedback to google so that it will help to identify the issues if any and to improve the service to enhance societies life. Google Opinion Rewards allow you to conduct the survey within your free time and there’s no time constraint. Google Opinion Rewards is the best platform where you can use your free time to give some valuable inputs about the services to enhance its quality but at the same time you can earn some extra Dollars.

“If you have any though, questions, or if you would like to share anything with us about Google Opinion Rewards then feel free to leave your valuable suggestions in the comment box given below.”


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