Risky Move of the Investor


Since you’re into the stock market and being the professional investor, most of you must always be fascinated towards the trending word “STOCK TIPS”.

Yes, at the beginner level even the most experienced investor fails by trusting such promises and invites financial loss for own. Investment and trading are not the one-day game.

“You cannot become a rich person in one day if you are poor at efforts”

Efforts towards the right direction is the key to become a successful investor in stock market. If you’re not willing to put the appropriate efforts then you’re making fool to your own self. You need to be very smart, and accurate while making efforts. We’re here going to help you to prepare your to create genuine wealth. We’ll be discussing the most important factors which are essential to avoid during the journey towards wealth creation.

There’re some fancy terminologies which are in utmost trend. You need to secure you from these false and commitment to avoid financial losses.

Sure, Way to Make Money Losses

If you want to become a successful investor, if you really want to gain something really out from your investment then you need to avoid so called “STOCK TIPS”. These are the most dangerous traps where most experience one easily get trapped into.

Who are the STOCK TIPS provider?

Stock tips providers are all around you. These free stock tips provider could be your investor friend, they could be anyone in your family member, they could be your office mates, they could be your neighbors, they could be the group of some people who are running their stock tip agency, they could be TV anchors, and last but not in the list they could be your own stock broker. You need to be very very careful while putting your hard-owned money into any financial scheme. Your one wrong move may land you and your family in financial crises if you’re not following the investment best practices and making investment on the basis of stock tips.

Great Pleasure of Sharing Achievements

Now, lets see how this stock tips works in your real life and forces you to take a decision to make big investment on the basis of so-called STOCK TIP. One of your known colleague, neighbor, or friends will come to you and pass comment that he is able to make 10,000 Dollars profit from his investment. As soon as you hear 10,000 Dollars your excitement reaches to the cloud 9 to hear STOCK TIPS.

It always gives a great pleasure to everyone to share the achievement and hide ground reality of failures. No one is keener to share the losses. Most of people are willing to share the success story only it gives them immense joy while sharing achievements.

On the other hand, person who is standing in front of you and sharing his earning will never share the losses which he has made in past. Partial and half information is as definite as to loss the money by making most prominent investments mistakes.

Influence from STOCK TIP Provider

Journey towards stock market is as simple as walking on straight road if you’ve already learned to avoid some basic mistakes. Stock tip provider are some group of people who are gathered to share stock related information with you at the same time they assure you to provide billionaire profits. They will ask you for the money in turn of sharing their billionaire-based stock tips.

“If the Stock Tip Providers Gives the Guaranteed Successful Return then Why they are Running Stock Tips Providing Agencies Instead”.

No one can help you to achieve your dreams, you’re the only person who is responsible for your own dreams and success as well as failure.

Stock Tips Influence from Stock Broker

Main motive of the stock broker to earn money as much as they can from you. They are not running brokerage firms to make you reach instead they are running broker houses to fast fill their own bank account.

Have you ever heard from any of the broker insisting you to invest for long term?

Answer will be no, big NO because if they start doing that, they need to shut down their broker house. It will completely dry up their businesses. You needs to be very careful from your broker because many of the times these money multipliers are the culprit for your most of the financial losses.

Stock Tips Influences from TV Anchors

Now days there are ‘N’ number of the channels who runs stock market news all the time without single pause. In order to know the market flow and current trend most of the you rely more than 80% on these media. Watching news to know the market trend is quite obvious but relying completely on the TV shows recommendations is harmful. These are the self-declared market experts you will find every where on social network, TV shows. They will recommend you plethora of tips and recommendations when stock market is bullish. Moment when stock market starts falling these self-declared experts disappears. You need to very cautious and careful with the tips which you’re getting from the TV shows anchors.

To become a successful investor in stock market you don’t need to bring lot of data. You just need to spare some time out of your busy schedule to learn about the company. Once you’re able to figure out, of course as you keep your learning deeper you will be able to figure out the high-quality stock for you.

“You don’t need to be a day trader to earn more profits, Instead Buy Good Stocks & Keep your Holdings for the Longer Period of Time.”

We’re sharing the below list of some required key pointers denoted as efforts which will help you to become a successful investor. These are some of most useful and required day to day activities which you need to carry out before making any investment plan

Best Learning Practices:

  • Try to understand the Mood of Market
  • Read as much as you can about the company
  • Read balance sheet data
  • Understand profit and loss ratio of the company
  • Understand possible contribution of company in market
  • Keep eye on news
  • Keep eye on new deal
  • Keep eye on the outcome from company’s board meetings

While practicing above listed learning key pointers it will boost up your energy level and confidence to make appropriate investment. As you dig deeper to know more about company it helps you to understand the more things about the company. Deeper analysis will reveal the secret of investment in front of you.

“Market Study Will Help you to figure out Right Deal at Right Time in Right business”.


The only and most secure way to earn profits from the stock market is the continuous study and the efforts you need to carry out to know the best business which is truly deserve your investment. You need to skip all STOCK related TIPS and TRICK because these will definitely land your investment in drain if loss. You need to figure out great quality stock for you in which you can invest some part of your hard owned money for longer period of time.


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