Essential Tools for Internet Marketing


Two friends were having a great sort of conversation over dinner. They talked about many topics and discussed the current financial situation and its future growth. When one friend asked a question, what do you think which we will be the game changer sector and have a rapid growth at this present moment?

After looking at his curious face without wasting a moment his friend replied it’s a sector where several people are visiting the world wide web are increasing drastically and the two worded answer of your question is Digital Marketing.

Yes, it is 100% true! Every year but here, I would say every single day plenty of new internet connections are being sold by telecom companies. The way people are exploring the contents over the internet is impressive. People are consuming gigabytes of data per day which is a very handsome number. The approach towards shopping is completely changed. Nowadays, offline shopping is not as effective as online shopping. People just navigate to online shopping websites, search for a product read reviews and they go for it. Shopping is just a single click away.

Now, let’s see the relation between internet users and digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing

Marketing is all about the connection. Getting connected with the right audience who can be your future customer. But just networking is not a good idea all. The very first and foremost thing is, you need to figure out the right audience at the right time and the right place. When we talk about the internet it means you need to figure out where they are spending the maximum of their time on the internet. If you are owning a business then you need to leverage the internet and the medium of it used to connect with the prospective end-user.

Why Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing comes with endless creative opportunities and possibilities. If you go back to the ’80s and 90’s era marketing was all about printing the stuff on cards and distribute it which falls under physical marketing. When we talk about digital marketing it’s all about marketing via electronic medium including email marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media, Website Marketing, Affiliate Marketing for a specific brand.

Digital marketing is all about the digital tactics used to reach out to the specific target based audience where they spend most of the time online over social media, email, website, etc. Let’s take an example if maximum users are spending most of the time checking emails then as a brand owner you can plan for an email marketing campaign by sending promotional emails in the user’s mailbox. Similar brand campaigns you can plan by targeting social media marketing, website marketing.

Below we’re sharing a list of tools which will be a game-changer for your brand success over the internet. We have a curated list of below-suggested resources and these resources are contributing a lot to run many tops ranked successful blogs globally.

BlueHost: The best hosting provider 

When website owner wishes to run their website a primary lookout for them is website should be accessible 24*7 without a single minute of fail. The inaccessible website badly affects the brand reputation.

Why Bluehost

Bluehost facilitates the world-class hosting plan. Headquartered with large data centers with enough backup generators to power these data centers which are as equal to as lighting up an entire city. Bluehost offers a fast lightning speed of a data transfer which is marked as more than a two GB/Second data transfer rate which enables its customers to access the site smoothly. Bluehost is one of the oldest hosting providers which is serving a million of the domain and has found a significant increase in its customer base due to uninterrupted world-class reliability and uptime.

      • Affordable Price
      • Customer Friendly 24*7 support
      • Easy to use
      • Website backup, restore capability
      • Security: Bluehost are Linux based servers that provide highly secure hosting facilitating SSL – Secure Socket Layer protocol which is useful to protect customer’s personal information.
      • Single Click WordPress and other popular site hosting application Installation, management
      • Unlimited add-on
      • Unlimited Email & Accounts
      • Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
      • Money-Back Guarantee
      • When a new user sign-up, you will get a free domain, free SSL, easy 1 click WordPress install with their customer-friendly 24*7 support to attend your hosting related queries. Bluehost plan starts at $3.95/Month and in case if you are unhappy with the service then you can avail 30 days money-back guarantee.

Lead pages: landing page builder & Lead Generation Software

If the customer is navigating to your sales page and your page doesn’t have interactive navigation for your sales page then will you be able to generate the sale?

The leading page which is also known as landing page can convert your website visitors into leads. A landing page is all about encouraging visitors to take the next action. That action can be a sign up for your news later, make a purchase, download the content, share the content.

Why Lead Page

Lead pages are a great way to transform your website visitors into customers. You can use its simple drag and drop features to build a beautiful build page. Most of the top websites are using build pages to make their website feel good and nice for readers. I have used lead pages for a long period and I would say it’s just awesome. You can configure multiple interactive contents on your website for your visitors like below one:

      • Create a sign-up page
      • Configure a pop-up box
      • Give an interesting look for your sale pages than the normal webpage
      • Email Subscription page
      • You can use a lead page free for 14 days. Even if you don’t have a website simply you can use a lead page for trial and can still leverage it to catch a well leads for your product.

Try Leadpages for yourself!

Constant Contact Email Marketing Solution

If you are promoting a brand then email marketing is an essential thing for your success. Email marketing is all about developing a good customer relationship with potential customers. Email marketing is another form of digital marketing.

Why Constant Contact?

Constant contact email marketing enables you to build a professional email marketing campaign that will work for your business

      • It helps to manage all of your contacts with fewer efforts
      • Automating email delivery will build a strong customer relationship
      • Drag and drop email template will allow you to choose a perfect template that will suit your need
      • Tracking made easy to track your email marketing campaign result in real-time

Buzzsprout: Podcast Hosting

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The podcast is another form of digital marketing. It is the most interactive medium to keep your audience indulged with your brand. The podcast allows your listener to visit your web page and navigate to a place and listen to in-depth information about a topic.

If you are promoting a brand and if you are planning to give an in-depth review of a brand then Buzzsprout is a good place for you to start. Buzzsprout is the best way to publish a podcast online which will be a series of digital audio files that a user can download to listen to you and to know a piece of more detailed information about the promoted product.


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