Confused with Purchased Product Price?? Don’t worry, if you Bought at High Price


In the age if shopping era being a buyer, everyone gets confused with the available options in the market. It tends to be a difficult task to figure out the lower available price of the same product in different market place. And what if we’re paying extra money for the same product which is available at lower price in some different place?

Here’s the answer for your question, Walmart’s Savings Catcher will help you in this situation. Walmart is the biggest American multinational retail corporation which operated the hypermarket chain across the globe. Walmart has the low price for the items every day on almost everything’s.

If a local competitor is offering the low price for the product then you’re eligible to receive the difference between the price amount you’ve purchased and the amount which another competitor is offering. Walmart has initiated Saving Catcher smart program.

Where to Shop

If you’re shopping at the Walmart related shops then you’re entitled to receive the difference amount. Shops which are participated in Walmart store allows you to get the difference on your Savings Catcher eGift Card.

To confirm participation of your store in Walmart program, give a call at Walmart customer care.

Once you receive the amount then you can use this amount either at Walmart shop via Walmart pay or online at

What is Walmart Pay

Walmart pay is the digital wallet developed by Walmart. This app allows you to pay your bills securely, effectively, and faster via this digital app. Walmart pay app will use your, “Savings Catcher eGift Card” as default buying option. However, you can include any other payment options including credit/debit card.

How Savings Catcher Works:

  • Go to any participated Walmart store and do shopping using the Walmart pay.
  • After that you’ve 7 days to submit your shopping e-receipt to saving catcher.
  • Saving catcher then compares the price of the product you bought across its participants.
  • If saving catcher come across the lower price of the same product which you bought then it will notify you and then refund the difference amount.
  • This amount will be refunded to your saving catcher eGift card to make purchase in store at Walmart.

Browse Saving Catcher program from,*b0&sourceid=02692088901400239762&affillinktype=3&veh=aff


Saving Catcher is best fit for those who are a frequent buyer. If you don’t know whether the purchased product is eligible or not. Simply you can submit the receipt because you never know when you’re going to save few dollars by trying.


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